The Good and the Bad of Vauxhall Calibra
16.07.2015 15:04

Vauxhall Motors is a British automotive manufacturing and distribution company headquartered in England, and an allied company of the German Adam Opel AG, both being entirely owned subsidiaries of the American General Motors. Opel launched its Calibra in 1989 and sold it in England with the name of Vauxhall Calibra until 1999. It is the one of the most gorgeous looking and performance oriented car of its time. It had a slippery design that was eye-catchy and was the best value among the other cars of same series. Not only that, but it was also the most economical sports car if compared with the features it was offering. This swanky car won many quality awards and sold more than 2.5 million units until 1996. 


Let us look at some of the pros and cons of Vauxhall Calibra:

The Good Things:


  • Attractive, sensible Cavalier-based four-seater coupe with a big, golf-bag-sized boot.
  • Some excellent engines in the line-up.
  • A number of very fast, very potential cars such as 201bhp six-speed 4x4 turbo left behind in competition.
  • A quantity of fine smart combinations such as 168bhp 2.5 V6s with leather and white instruments on 'R' plates can stand for a lot of coupe for the money.
  • Advantageously, had a lever behind the headlights to toggle from left dip to right dip for continental driving. This is called smart designing.
  • According to the Warranty Direct Reliability index of 2003 Vauxhalls, usually had warranty repair costs much less than the average repair cost.

The Bad Things:


  • partsIt is very hard to see out of this car. 
  • One might face some difficulty to reverse a Calibra.
  • Though it handles better than the most of the other cars of the same genre it still suffers from under steering limitations.
  • All the Calibra models had their engines and driving mechanism in the front.



Though it has few cons with a lot of pros, this car still hasn’t lost its charm in the UK. You can still find a lot of theseon the roads of London and other cities of the United Kingdom. In fact, people there are adding new soul to these old cars by buying vauxhall calibra parts in London and swapping them with the old parts. There are many online websites that are dealing in the new as well as used Vauxhall Calibra car parts, so one can even try his or her hands on them as well.

Go and gift your old Calibra some new toys (parts)!



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